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T'ain't no sin

((In the early dawn. Hawkeye is out of it- as he often is- and he is singing quietly to himself. The words he sings are these.))

Dancing may do this and that, and help you take off lots of fat.
But I'm no friend of dancing when it's hot.
So if you are a dancing fool, who loves to dance but can't keep cool,
Bear in mind the idea that I've got.

When it gets too hot for comfort, and you can't get ice cream cones,
Tain't no sin to take off your skin and dance around in your bones.
When the lazy syncopation of the music softly moans,
Tain't no sin to take off your skin and dance around in your bones.Read more...Collapse )


Wait a minute.

There's eggs?????
How do you react to cold weather?

Welcome, 'Hillians' to the grand opening of the Finestkind medical clinic/bowling alley. We have an abundance of lack of heat, absolutely no hot water, and absolutely the very best in lack of blankets and other necessary supplies.

In honor of our apparent new and completely weird god thing that no one ordered, the town has decided to grace us with snow, ladies and gentlemen. Were you dreaming of a white Christmas? I think it's decided to come a little early.

Except I'm not sure anyone in the town is exactly Christian, so we'll just have to settle with not singing any carols.

Look, Severus made a post back there a few days ago and I'm inclined to agree with him- no one has explained what is going on or why myself, Cassie and anyone else still crazy enough to be up there had to flee the actual hospital to set up shop in this dump.

Has anyone even wondered why it is we're all here? So. I'd like to propose a little something more interesting than just sitting around freezing for a change. How about a little meet and greet? I think there are more of you here now than you used to be. What I'd like to know is who are you? Where did you come from prior to this? Why do you think you fell into this little sidepocket of Hell's refrigerator?

Don't all crowd me with answers at once, there's plenty of nametags to go around.
How can you be two places at once?

chêt thành phò

So here's where that missing RP went...
Where: VietNam
Who: Hawk meatballsurge0n and Heather hardcorecheryl
Read more...Collapse )

((note- Tsu and Jess were also doing a scene with Sadako and one of Tsu's Cs, but as no one told me they were going to connect, I didn't end up logging it. D: sorry gals!))
There's something there! In the other hospital. It's headed for Alchemilla!

Wait. Where am I?

Oct. 7th, 2007

Where:VietNam. 1959? or later? who can tell, and how had he come to be here?
Who:Hawkeye Pierce meatballsurge0n and... Hoa? hardcorecheryl
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I just flew in from Hell, and boy are my arms tired.

Hold the phones, I'm screening my calls for tonight.
If there's a martini with my name on it, be sure to let it in, and tell it to bring two friends. Actually, tell the two friends to bring two friends and one nurse.

Is this still the afterlife? I didn't make any reservations before, but I sure have some reservations about being here now.

Ok, don't all crowd in at once, I know you're all just so delighted to never see me again.
Paging Doctor Matt. Doctor Matt, come in please, we have a patient with your name on it.
Or two, or six.

I'm getting too tired for this all day everyday active duty anymore. A man has hobbies he likes to attend to.

Like experimental martini mixing. The day WILL come I will invent a martini so dry that dust shoots from your lips just from thinking about it.

Purple blood??? I don't think I've ever seen this before in my life!!

Good morning, Silent Hill

Oh, it's been just the best fun over here at Alchemilla H, no really.

You all should stop by for a drink and a diagnosis.
Bring food, if you would, since apparently the Happy Burger doesn't seem to be happy anymore.

Bring food, and maybe a lawn mower for all this jungle.

Where is it coming from? There wasn't this much jungle in Korea!

Someone told me there was a war after mine- way to go Harry!

((OOC:by this, he means Truman, not Mason.-K))
-that took place in a place called VietNam? This ring any bells?

I hope to God- no, none of yours, thanks- that if any one good thing came of me being dumped here it's that I wasn't called back to serve there.

Although if this jungle is any indication this town is in cahoots with that war as well as the one I was in, I guess it wasn't much of a reprieve.

Xev, the girl with the gams! and the lobster minidress to prove it- brought us in another patient. I guess this is the missing girl from the television.

She's not very talky so far. I gave her a preliminary, but I still need to get some tests done. So far no sign of anything other than minor injury, and it seems the bastard that held her didn't try to take her dignity or anything, either.

Any word on the other rescuers? or has anyone found a Mr.Severus Snape, the former burger slinger at Happy Burger? We still have MIA, townies. Look busy. Look alert. Most importantly, be on the lookout for danger AND for one another.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled fog.