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Mar. 22nd, 2008

Being strong and brave doesn't always mean fighting an incurable disease, hiding your pain from everyone around you, or even being Army tough (although in my case, I guess all those things factor in). being strong can be as simple as working hard on a particularly tough problem, and not stopping until you figure out an answer- even if it's not the exact one, just one that will work for the time being.

Everyone has fears, challenges they face daily, and that's part of life. Look, first of all, I wanna apologize if I've been mean to anyone over the week.
It was a pretty tough week, but I won't make excuses why I acted why I did, just know that I'm sorry.
Even if I wasn't mean to you but I acted indifferent or distanced, I count that as being mean so I'm sorry for that too. There's some things that time can erase.

For everything else, there's alcohol.

and we don't even have any of that where I am. Was. Am.

I don't know what's real anymore. Of course, I still have this huge dilemma ahead of me- discover the cure I've allegedly already discovered when I'm in that place. I wonder how I did it?

I'm really going to have to sit me down and give me a serious talking to.

Somehow I doubt I'll even listen unless I buy myself a martini though.


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